August 29, 2022

Literacy4Life bridges the access divide with one book at a time, one community at a time.

Literacy4Life has been working tirelessly to bridge the gap between children who have access to leisure books and those who come from disadvantaged communities where access to books is a luxury. In addition to this, we are making reading cool and fashionable through innovative initiatives such as our Sunday Reading Sessions Sundays on Instagram.

Literacy4Life forms part of the value chain of a book lifecycle that includes authors, editors, translators, publishers with the aim of creating conversation and garnering support towards bridging the access divide.

In these sessions, we host authors of all ages and from different walks of life to engage with our audiences about their books. Furthermore, the Sunday Reading Sessions help in promoting indigenous languages. The Sunday Reading Sessions have attracted a huge audience and interest on Instagram where the reading sessions take place.

Partnering with the reading community, ordinary citizens and corporates has been intrinsic to the growth of Literacy4Life as we have been able to build relationships with different organizations in the country, who will serve as potential partners and sponsors in future Literacy4Life projects.

Literacy4Life had received over 80 000 books from individuals …

What’s next?

True to our spirit of creativity and capability of mobilising people around our mission of ensuring that no child in South Africa gets left behind, and to accelerate empowering the African child in accessing quality non-academic books and reading material.

Literacy4Life will be hosting an awareness activation in a village Limpopo to launch a Literacy Hub. We then move to Kwazulu Natal for the Comrades marathon as part of the #kilometres4books. As part of the calendar we have the Charity Golf Day to continue to raise funds for the literacy hubs #putting4books campaign. All funds raised contribute to Literacy4Life’s mission of building reading-centered for schools in disadvantaged and underserved communities. We request donation of books throughout the year.

We are grateful to all contributors for helping us widen our reach with our mission.

People who would like to get involved in our initiatives and donate to our book bank can reach us on our platforms below;

WhatsApp: (079) 888-7877


Instagram: @literacy4life_

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